2 Channel High Wattage PWM 4-Wire Computer Fan Controller with 2 Temperature Probes & Stop Alarm

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  • Ideal for controlling high speed, high wattage server fans and other computer fans with 4 wires.
  • Dual channel independent temperature control – The display will rotate between the two channels’ temperature (-9.9℃ to 70.1℃; error <1℃) and Fan Speed (resolution 10rpm; maximum display 999 x 10rpm).
  • Fan speed is controlled by setting low and high temperatures. Each fan is set independently. For example, at 20℃ the fan spins at a low speed and at 40℃ the fan is at full RPM. All settings are saved.
  • An alarm can be set if a fan stops rotating
  • Ability to reverse PWM control logic 6. DC8-60V operating voltage


Performance parameters:

  • Operating Voltage: DC8-60V (the voltage of the power supply must be equal to the fan’s operating voltage, or the fan will be damaged)
  • Operating Current: 35mA (l2V) – 22mA (24V)
  • Control Ability: Not limited by fan current, but fan connector pins on the board should not exceed 3A per fan; if using larger current fan, please connect fan power supply cable to the main power supply directly!
  • Control Output Range: 10% – 100% (this is the signal output range; the actual situation depends on fan performance)
  • Temperature Probe Specifications: NTC 10K B =3950
  • Temperature Measurement: -9.9℃ to 99.9℃, error <2℃ (1% probe with 70℃) 3℃(>70℃)
  • Temperature Control Zone Range: Low speed temperature 5-94℃, high speed temperature 10-99℃
  • Speed Measurement: 10-9990rpm; resolution 10 rpm, display unit *10 rpm (speed measurement is based on common 2-pole signal fan design; most fans are 2-pole signal)
  • Fan Rotation Stop Alarm Speed: less than 375rpm
  • Circuit Dimensions: 65mm*65mm*15mm, hole center distance 56mm*56mm, diameter 3.2mm

Package includes:

  • 1 x Fan temperature controller
  • 2 x Temperature probe
  • 1 x 12mm buzzer with 10cm wire

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Dimensions4 × 4 × 1 in


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