200A/100mA Current Transformer YHDC SCT-024 – 24mm Opening


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Warranty: 90 Days


These YHDC current transformers can measure current up to 200A, and fit around wires that are up to 24mm in diameter. They have custom 3.5mm jacks which plug directly into our power meters. A TVS diode is built in for safety, and to prevent open circuiting. The output is 100mA, when the current is 200A.

These will fit around 200A aluminum service mains wires. Copper mains are usually not as large.

If you need to measure more than 66A sustained, our 6 channel meter should not be used with these CTs. The Split Single Phase meter would be a better option.


  • Input current: 200A AC
  • Output current: 0.1A AC
  • Turns ratio: 1:2000
  • Working frequency: 50-60Hz
  • Accuracy: 1%
  • Wire opening: 24mm
  • Height: 75mm
  • Width: 53mm
  • Depth: 34.2mm
  • Weight: 6.8oz (190g)

Additional information

Weight7.4 oz
Dimensions2.8 × 2.2 × 4.2 in


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