20A/25mA Micro Current Transformer YHDC SCT-006 – 6mm Opening


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These YHDC micro current transformers can measure current up to 20A, and fit around wires that are up to 6mm in diameter. They are only 1.9 x 1.6 x 2.9cm, and have custom 3.5mm jacks which plug directly into our power meters. A TVS diode is built in for safety, and to prevent open circuiting. The output is 25mA, when the current is 20A.

These are highly recommended if you are monitoring a lot of individual 15A circuits in a panel and do not have a lot of space. We recommend measuring a max of 15A with these. These are the smallest current transformer that we carry. If you need to measure more current, and want a small CT, than the SCT010 can measure up to 80A.


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