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This kit comes with everything you need to assemble your own Time Circuits Display! It looks almost identical to the one seen in the Back To the Future Time Machine DeLorean*. The LED displays feature our custom 14 and 7 segment displays in Red, Green, and Yellow – which are the only ones on the market that are sized and spaced to properly resemble the ones in the movie.

See the assembly instructions here

New Features for v2.x Firmware

Complete Time Circuits functionality with movie sound effects

  • Enter any date via keypad
  • Time travel to the Destination Time with display effects
  • Return from time travel
  • Automatic rotation of times displayed in the movie (optional rotation time intervals, or off)
  • Different modes to turn on/off the beep sound heard in the movie

Present Time as a clock

  • On-board Real Time Clock (RTC)
  • Get accurate time from NTP (network time) when connected to a WiFi network
  • Support for time zones and automatic DST
  • Alarm function (sounds customizable with a SD card)
  • Timer function – easily set a countdown timer
  • Reminder function – play a sound on a specific time on a day of the month or year
  • Play a sound every hour (optional)

Support for external power on/off & other prop control

  • Trigger an external time travel event on other props
  • Trigger a time travel event (on the TCD) from another prop
  • Direct support for a Speedometer with GPS (can get accurate time from GPS)
  • Fake power on & off – TCD will boot, setup WiFi, sync time with NTP, but not start/turn off displays until an active-low button is pressed (useful for turning on/off the displays with a TFC drive switch)

Other features

  • Settings interface web portal
  • Keypad menu for adjusting various settings, viewing IP address, and WiFi status
  • Configurable WiFi connection timeouts and retries
  • Configurable low power mode (turns off WiFi & lowers MCU speed)
  • Music player via SD card
  • Custom audio files via SD card
  • Set a static IP
  • Optional power-up intro with sound
  • 24-hour clock mode for non-Americans
  • Night mode (displays off or dimmed) & ability to automatically turn on/off by Present Time
  • World clock mode to display time in different time zones
  • Room condition mode – Ability to hook up temperature/humidity, and light sensors
  • MQTT interface to display messages and accept commands via MQTT
  • Option to make time travels persistent over reboots (dates entered stay there instead of rotating)
  • Built-in installer for default audio files
  • OTA firmware updates

Here’s how it works (v1.0 firmware)

Display colors are more vibrant in person due to the nature of multiplexing, and camera shutter speed.

For 3d print orders: Parts will come unfinished. They are printed in a fine layer height in silver for the enclosures, and green/white for the keypad. The keypad shown in the pictures here is not painted, but the enclosures are sanded and painted.

B-grade 3d printed parts : These are parts that have imperfections that may require additional sanding or filling to obtain a smooth finish. They are not deformed beyond usability, but didn’t make the cut for A-grade. Between 2 -4 parts will be B-grade, while the others will be A-grade. Everything else is the same.

We do not recommended installing PLA in a car since it can warp in the hot sun. If you would like to do this we would recommend selecting the ASA/ABS option, or purchasing the Aluminum enclosures.

Alternatively, the 3d printed parts are available to print yourself here.


  • 3x Segment displays in (Red, Green, Yellow)
  • ESP32 powered control board
  • TRW style number keypad (must be disassembled to use number keys, pcb and rubber backing)
  • Gels for displays (Red, Green, Yellow)
  • Mounting hardware (37x screws for display enclosure to outer enclosure, display PCB to enclosures, speaker mount, keypad mount, 4x small screws for keypad PCB to bezel mount)
  • Connection wiring (3x 4p JST-XH for display I2C, 1 7p JST-XH for keypad)
  • Square keypad LED lenses (2x white, 1x red/amber/green)
  • Small 4ohm 3W speaker
  • Display stickers
  • 3d printed enclosures and keypad housing OR Aluminum enclosures (optional)

Display Features:

  • 1x 3 character 14 segment display
  • 10x 1 character 7 segment displays
  • I2C interface:
    • Red (Destination Time) is 0x71
    • Green (Present Time) is 0x72
    • Yellow (Last Time Departed) is 0x74
  • Color:
    • Red 630nm
    • Green 570nm
    • Yellow 587nm
  • Measurements: 8.5″ x 1.45″ (210.82 x 36.83mm)
  • Mounting Hole Spacing (same as LMB aluminum boxes):  3.75″ x 1.28″ – 6 total

Control Board Features:

  • Measurements: 4.53″ x 4.12″ (115.18 x 104.62mm)
  • Real Time Clock
  • Ability to get time from NTP (via ESP32 wifi)
  • Class D Mono Audio Amplifier – 4ohm
  • Manual volume control
  • SD card slot (sd card not included)
  • 2 additional GPIO headers (13 & 14)
  • 1 SPI header
  • ESD filtering to prevent interference
  • Can be powered by ESP32 micro USB port
  • On board power supply which can take input from 6-20V DC (can be hooked up directly to a car battery)

For 3D Printed Part Orders (non-painted):

  • Outer display enclosure – one piece (silver)
  • 3x inner display enclosure (silver)
  • 3x faceplates (silver)
  • Keypad (olive green – matches original TRW – smooth on top)
  • Keypad lens bracket (white)
  • Keypad inner bezel (white – smooth on top)
  • Enter button spacer (white)


*There are some small differences from ours when compared to the movie:

  1. The lenses in the TRW like keypad are slightly different (although Linrose B1050N lenses that look more like the original can be used if you want)
  2. The numbers on the keypad buttons are not the same GTE font
  3. Some characters for the month display are impossible to duplicate with 14 segment displays (like the D and some N’s) because the ones in the movie were not actually segment displays, but gels that were swapped out depending on the month that they wanted to show. 

Additional information

Dimensions10 × 6 × 5 in

3d printed in PLA, 3d printed in ASA/ABS, None, All Aluminum


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3 reviews for Complete Time Circuits Display Kit

  1. Charles Topping (verified owner)

    This is a great kit if you want the most accurate and functional version of the Time Circuits.

  2. Michael Lerra (verified owner)

    This is a great unit whether you want it as a standalone piece or you want to integrate it with other Back to the Future props. The documentation is super detailed and I love the different options and settings to fine-tune the experience to exactly what you want in terms of sound, lights, etc. I have tested the “fake power switch” and the external triggering of the time travel event; both work exactly as described. I also see some of the newer functionality that is being developed such as the Speedometer integration. I suspect the time circuits will be the first piece in what becomes a very accurate and very sophisticated platform for the full Back to the Future time machine replicas.

  3. sidz (verified owner)

    What can I say?! It’s really well designed and looks great. The customisation through the web portal and direct updates via the keypad allow you to set it just the way you want.

    The team have really given the design and programming a great lot of thought, plus the potential to integrate with other props you may have makes it central to all your time travel needs.

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