Flux Capacitor Light & Sound PCB

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Introducing the CircuitSetup Flux Capacitor Light & Sound PCB

Experience the thrill of time travel like never before with our Flux Capacitor PCB. Packed with cutting-edge features and meticulously crafted for movie accuracy, this PCB is the key to unlocking your time-travel dreams.

Here’s why it’s the ultimate choice for enthusiasts and adventurers alike:

  • Movie-Accurate Time Travel
    Step into the world of your favorite time-travel movies with our movie-accurate default flux sequence. Feel the nostalgia wash over you as you embark on journeys through time, just like your favorite characters. And that’s just the beginning! We’ve included 9 alternative flux sequences, giving you the freedom to customize your time-travel experience like never before.
  • Optional Flux Soundtracks
    Enhance the ambiance with optional flux soundtracks, featuring 4 distinct modes. Whether you prefer the subtle hum of time dilation or the futuristic whirr of temporal displacement, you can tailor your time-travel soundtrack to match your mood.
  • Effortless Time Travel
    Time travel has never been easier. Trigger your adventures with the push of a (IR remote) button, via the Time Circuits Display (TCD), or even through MQTT for those who crave a tech-savvy experience.
  • Remote Control
    Take command of your time-travel experiences with the included IR remote control. Plus, our PCB can learn key commands from your custom remote, ensuring seamless integration with your existing setup.
  • Immerse Yourself in Music
    Set the tone for your time-travel escapades with the built-in music player. Play your favorite mp3 files stored on an SD card (not included) to amplify the excitement of your journeys.
  • Customize Your Audio
    Personalize your time-travel adventures with SD card support for custom sound effects audio files.
  • Seamless Configuration
    No more complicated setups. Our Flux Capacitor PCB boasts an advanced network-accessible Config Portal with mDNS support. Access it effortlessly at http://flux.local and even customize the hostname to your liking.
  • Stay Connected with “BTTF-Network”
    Stay synchronized with your Time Circuits Display through the “BTTF-Network.” Synchronize your time travels, set alarms, engage chase speed mode, activate night mode, create fake power displays, and take remote control using the TCD keypad—all from your Flux Capacitor PCB.
  • Integrate with Home Assistant
    For those who love smart home automation, our PCB supports Home Assistant (MQTT 3.1.1), seamlessly blending into your connected home ecosystem.
  • Bright LED Control
    Included is very bright center LED, and custom box lights to light up your flux capacitor during time travel sequences.


  • Flux capacitor PCB
  • Remote
  • Custom box LEDs
  • Small speaker



A fully assembled flux capacitor using our PCB:

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