Icarus T962 / T962A Reflow Oven Controller Upgrade PCB


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This T962 / T962A controller upgrade board (PCB only) provides several enhancements to the stock reflow oven.

  1. Easily flash (reprogram) the controller board with the Unified Engineering firmware
  2. The addition of four MAX31850 cold junction compensated thermocouples
  3. Only turn on side fan when above 60C in upper area of the oven (so rarely)
  4. A motor controller for adding an optional circulation fan to the inside of the oven to improve the heat distribution over the entire re-flow tray
  5. 1 Hz monitoring of re-flow profiles
  6. Control the oven over the USB connection to allow almost infinite profiles to be used

More details on this controller upgrade can be found here. 

Please note that this version does not have a power wire like in the instructional install video linked above. The 3.3V wire can be soldered to the wide end of the LDO, like in the last gallery picture to provide power to the board without having a USB cable plugged in.

See the BOM here

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