Solderable Breadboard & ESP32/ESP8266/ESP01 Module Breakout – with 3.94″ x 2.375″ x 1.875″ (100x60x25mm) Project Box (2-Pack)


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This board is a combination of our Solderable Project Box Breadboard & an ESP32 or ESP8266 or ESP01 module breakout board. They fit in the included 3.94″ x 2.375″ x 1.875″ (100x60x25mm) ABS project boxes

It features:

  • ESP32 on one side, ESP8266 footprints on either side with an ESP01 in the middle
  • FTDI header area
  • Spaces for LDO, and pull up resistors
  • Holes for 2 & 3 pin screw terminals (5mm) that are connected to power rails
  • Footprint for DC power connector
  • Power rails can be tied together or can be separate for different voltages
  • Screw holes can be tied to ground
  • Additional holes next to the rails, at the end of rows, and in the middle of the board for easily placing connectors, components, or tying together power rails and rows
  • Solder pads in the middle of the board to tie rows together or add SMD components
  • Snap on lid for project box
  • Comes in packs of 2 with 2 3.94″ x 2.375″ x 1.875″ (100x60x25mm) boxs & 8 mounting screws

Please note – the glossy black version of this pcb had the LDO input and output switched. The current version is matte black. Please see the layout photos.

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