Solderable Project Box Breadboard & ESP32/ESP8266/ESP01 Module Breakout – 3.78″x2.2″ (96x56mm) 5-Pack

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This board is a combination of our Solderable Project Box Breadboard & an ESP32 or ESP8266 or ESP01 module breakout board.

It features:

  • ESP32 on one side, ESP8266 footprints on either side with an ESP01 in the middle
  • FTDI header area
  • Spaces for LDO, and pull up resistors
  • Holes for 2 & 3 pin screw terminals (5mm) that are connected to power rails
  • Footprint for DC power connector
  • Power rails can be tied together or can be separate for different voltages
  • Screw holes can be tied to ground
  • Additional holes next to the rails, at the end of rows, and in the middle of the board for easily placing connectors, components, or tying together power rails and rows
  • Solder pads in the middle of the board to tie rows together or add SMD components
  • Comes in packs of 5

Please note – the glossy black version of this pcb had the LDO input and output switched. The current version is matte black. Please see the layout photos.

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Weight2 oz
Dimensions4 × 4 × 1 in

3 reviews for Solderable Project Box Breadboard & ESP32/ESP8266/ESP01 Module Breakout – 3.78″x2.2″ (96x56mm) 5-Pack

  1. Richard Dorfner

    Boards arrived from Tindie in good order and look well made. I really like the flexibility of the power routing and the ease with which I can get to all the pins of the esp32 for doing Proofs of concept with the esp32.

    Nice design, great price for the breakout boards as well!


  2. Curtis

    Work great! I wish we had some examples of how to setup the LDO or other items included on the board without having to break out the DMM.

  3. Montgomery Newcom (verified owner)

    The LDO, as pictured, is backwards from the pinout of the LM1117T-3.3 and LD33’s that I have. Other than that, this page was useful for putting this together for the first time:

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