SuperPerf 115x90mm Project Box Solderable Breadboard (Perf Board) with Water Resistant Box


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The SuperPerf 115x90mm Project Box Solderable Breadboard is perfect for those projects that you need to put in a larger, waterproof box. It features a unique way to connect through holes and power rails to one another by bridging solder pads next to the holes. This makes it possible to eliminate wires completely from your projects for a super clean and reliable layout.

PCB Features:

  • Each through-hole can be connected (soldered) to perpendicular traces on either side of the board to connect any other hole within that section of the board.
  • Each of the 4 sections is divided by 3 power rails.
  • Power rails can be tied together or independent of each other
  • Footprints for 5.08mm screw connectors (2 hole x5, 3 hole x1)
  • 2 front connectors are connected to power rail traces (holes are not connected by default)
  • 4 rear connectors are connected to traces running next to power rails
  • Footprint for DC power jack – connected to center power rail
  • 2 rows of holes close to the edge of the box for LEDs, switches, or sensors that can be connected to the 2 center sections
  • Standard 2.54mm spacing
  • 108 x 83mm (4 1/4″ x 3 17/64″)

Box Features:

  • Clear cover
  • Outside dimensions: 115 x 90 x 56mm (4 17/32″ x 3 35/64″ x  2 13/64)
  • Inside dimensions: 108 x 83 x 53mm (4 1/4″ x 3 17/64″ x 2 3/32″)
  • IP65 dust and water resistant
  • Comes with 4 screws for lid (threaded into metal inserts) & 4 screws for PCB
  • Flanges on are spaced 135×52.25mm (5 5/16″ x 2 1/16″)

NOTE: The trace for the outer hole GND tie (next to the 3 hole screw connector, closest to the DC power jack) was incorrectly connected to the positive terminal instead of the negative on the boards currently available. It is NOT connected by default, but if it is, this will connect the holes closest to the corners of the board to the center, positive hole (center) on the 3 hole screw connector. In this layout picture, the GND tie trace is blue (the tie trace has been corrected in the photo).

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