Expandable 6 Channel ESP32 Energy Meter Add-on Board


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The Expandable 6 Channel ESP32 Energy Meter Add-on Board can measure the amount of current being used by 6 circuits at a time! Much like our Split Single Phase Energy Meter, the 6 channel energy meter uses current transformers to measure current being used by any circuit, and an AC transformer to measure voltage. An ESP32 dev board plugs directly into the energy meter to process the meter data and send it over WiFi.

This listing is for the Add-on board only – a main board and an ESP32 (see options below) is required to use this board.

Up to 6, 6 channel add-on boards can stack on top of the main board to allow you to monitor up to 42 current channels in 16-bit resolution, in real time, all at once! Each add-on board can measure an additional voltage channel.


  • Plugs in to the 6 Channel Energy Meter Main Board
  • Samples 6 current channels & optionally 1 additional voltage channel (requires additional AC transformer to measure additional voltage)
  • Add-on boards (up to 6) can expand the meter up to 42 current channels & 8 voltage channels
  • Uses 2 Microchip ATM90E32AS – 3 current channels & 1 voltage per IC
  • For each current channel the following can also be calculated by the meter:
    • Active Power
    • Reactive Power
    • Apparent Power
    • Power Factor
    • Frequency
    • Temperature
  • Uses standard current transformer clamps to sample current
  • 22ohm burden resistors per current channel
  • Includes built-in buck converter to power ESP32 & electronics
  • 2 IRQ interrupts, and 1 Warning outputs
  • Zero crossing outputs
  • Energy Pulse outputs per IC (4 per IC x2)
  • SPI Interface
  • Measurement Error: 0.1%
  • Dynamic Range: 6000:1
  • Gain Selection: Up to 4x
  • Voltage Reference Drift Typical (ppm/°C): 6
  • ADC Resolution (bits): 16

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Weight1 oz
Dimensions4 × 4 × 2 in
CT Connectors

3.5mm, Quick Connect Screw


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